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Primula Auricula - 'Douglas Prize Mixture'

Primula Auricula - 'Douglas Prize Mixture' (Primula auricula)

World-famous strain producing exotic bicolours, primrose yellow centres with rich velvet surrounds including carmine, maroon-carmine, coral pink, deep orange, maroon-black and many more. Ideal for partially shaded positions on rockeries or borders, or spring flower beds, pots, tubs etc. Flowers early spring. Height 20-25 cm.

Primula Auricula - 'Douglas Prize Mixture'
NamnPrimula Auricula
SortDouglas Prize Mixture
Latinskt namnPrimula auricula
Engelskt namnPrimula Auricula
VäxttypFlerårig Blomma, Hardy Herbaceous Perennial
Läge Soligt till Halvskuggigt läge
SåddFörkultivering Förkultivering
LeverantörThompson & Morgan
Artikelnummer15403080 hos oss, 3080 hos Thompson & Morgan
Språk Engelsk text på förpackningen.
Höjd20-25 cm
MängdCirka 90 st (cirka 0.53 kr per styck)
SåddSow spring to mid summer in good seed compost. Sow seed on surface of compost and gently firm. Seal in a polythene bag or cover with a piece of glass and place in a shady spot but do not exclude light which is beneficial for germination. Keep soil damp but not wet. Germination usually takes 10-30 days at 15-18C, higher temperatures can prevent germination. Once most of the seeds have come up, sprinkle a tiny amount of sieved compost over the roots to anchor them.
AvståndPlantavstånd 20-25 cm.
OdlingTransplant when large enough to handle in 7.5cm pots. Grow cool and fairly moist and later plant out 23cm apart in the autumn where they are to flower in good soil, sun or part shade.
  • Förodling: början av februari till slutet av juni.

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Thompson & Morgan: Primula Auricula - 'Douglas Prize Mixture'
Thompson & Morgan: Primula Auricula - 'Douglas Prize Mixture'